Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vembuli Amman temple and the Seven Virgin Mothers

Yesterday was Valar Pirai(growing moon) Ekadesi,so mom wanted to light up lamps at the Saptha Kannimars(seven virgin mothers) Sannidhanam.Hence,we visited Vembuli Amman Temple for this purpose.This is a three hundred year old temple located at Pazhavanthangal near the subway.This goddess was found in a field while ploughing.She is a village deity.There are seven such grama devathais in and around the area.Sample some of the pictures from the Temple.The seven virgin mothers in the temple are Brahmini,Maheshwari,Kaumari,Vaishnavi,Vaaraahi,Indraani and Chamundi.They represent the seven chakras in the human body.The sthala vriksham is a neem tree.
What secrets do you hold seven virgin mothers.Kindly enlighten my intellect.


  1. love to visit this temple...thank you for sharing with us

  2. Pls do Shama,the seven virgin mothers are powerful dieties,so I believe.And thanx for the comment

  3. Vembuli Amman Temple is the Best & Enjoy Like to visit Temple
    Every Time


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