Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Nonagenarian Grand dad


Lord Ganesh in his pooja room

A quaint corner in my granddad's
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Recently, I visited my grandad who resides at Palavanthangal,which is close to the Chennai Airport.He is ninety and you can call him a nonagenarian.He lives all by himself in the house which you can see above.This house is called Annapurna,this used to be my summer paradise in my younger days.I am very fond of this house.This house will pave way to the modern day requirements very soon.I don't think I can see it in this form again.This really saddens me. This house has served its purpose and has accomodated a whole host of people,truly living up to its name. Hats off to your spirit,Annapurna you have been a mother to the multitudes who have knocked on your door.Thank you for making me truly happy in your presence. He has passed on to another plane as of March 21,2011.


  1. Thank you Aditi,so sweet of you to have commented.

  2. it is sad that such vintage structures have no place in the modern world...:(

  3. Thank you Sudha for commenting on this post.


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