Monday, April 6, 2009

The Best Sapad in town

I would recommend Krishna Restaurant 's South Indian Thali.The sapad here is wholesome and economical and pure vegetarian.This afternoon's menu was eriseri,thair pachadi,dal,dhaniya rasam,sambar,malabar aviyal,potato curry,thick yogurt,pineapple halwa,pooris and rice.All this in unlimited quantity.They also just pour lots of ghee into the rice.The pickles and sundaka vetha kolambu is kept ready on the table to dig in.The thali is priced at Rs 72,which is quite affordable.The food tastes great just like home made meals.At the end of it all they also serve ice cream,which is made in house alongside beeda.There is absolutely no waiting period,once the thali is served.So for express yummy meals,check this place out. This is located at New Woodlands Hotel (P) Ltd72-75,Dr.Radhakrishnan Road,P.B No 626Mylapore, Chennai-India

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