Friday, July 16, 2010

International Blog Meet at Chennai Citi Center July 15 2010

Priyadharshini wanted me to name this blog meet an International one for apparent reasons. Girls you gave a sleepless night. I couldn’t stop thinking about you. See the kind of effect you guys had on me. I really enjoyed myself after a long time; I was meeting my own kind!

Like I already mentioned I never felt I was meeting you for the first time. Thanks for making me comfortable. I am writing at random about the people I met.

Srivalli, (the mother of all Chennai Blogger’s), you are an inspiration to me. I still ask how do u do it girl, blogger, mother, working woman. Really have to learn so much from you.I should probably call you the hub.

Priyadharshini, you are the first blogger I spoke to thanks for telling me about the event in the first place. I found you to be a very caring person. Always checking on me to eat and stuff. Sweet. You even offered to drop me back home…how nice is that!

Priya Srinivasan, I felt such positive vibes coming from you. As a person you have an infectious positive aura around you. The minute I saw you I knew I could jabber a lot with you, but I had a mouthful of rava laddoo. I’m sure you will miss Chennai, once you get back to Dubai.

Nithi, you are a power house of talent. I need not say more. I loved your sunflower. You are perfect wife material!

Srividhya, you are so fit. I saw you running around with your children, where do you get your energy from. I think if there is a competition between you and your children you will win hands down.

Jayashree, I found you to be pretty, confident and friendly. I’m sure you are a brain with all the mathematical ability and all. Teach me mental math please.

Hey now I’m coming on to the big one. Lataji, you are awesome. Friendly, open minded, willing to experiment. You are the youngest one amidst us. I loved your enterprise and amazing skills to network. I loved your mask from Ghana. It’s currently my prized possession.

Guys, I’m not all that pious like my blog suggests nor I’m I that old like my blog leads people to believe, maybe I’m the devil in sheep’s clothing! I know my blog is a little boring and unknown but thanks for accepting me into your fold. I’m looking forward to another meet.


  1. S, that was such a lovely account!..thanks for the nice comments. It was indeed a pleasure meeting you!..:)

  2. Wow.. that summed up everything :) Buddy you write pretty well :) This post is such a cute remembrance of the event. :) You were so so so sweet to all and you kept the topics rolling, so all of us could discuss too many things :) You are a perfect reporter material ;)

    Do keep in touch and lets meet up now and then. :)

  3. Thank you Nithya...bowled me over by the perfect reporter material...I studied journalism..!!

  4. Hi shalini,

    nice meeting you. Thanks for the lovley comment. Dont forget to drop in while coming to marudeeswarer temple or pampan swami temple. will keep in touch, mail me in

  5. Nice recap.Was nice meeting you,S. And no, your blog is not boring.

  6. i've become a big fan of shalini's work, i really love this blog. after reading this article about ur meet, i feel its "international", yes. i'd like to contribute as much as i can.

  7. hey Shalini, that was so nice of you!!!! Thanks for those wonderful words!!!! Hope 2 keep that positive Aura always ON!!!!


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