Thursday, August 5, 2010

OF Cowboys ,Yankees & a Tortizza..

Can't think of anything better to do in Chennai than to eat.So weekends means eating out.Got bored of the idli sambar routine ,so we decided to get experimental.We settled on this Mexican joint called Texas Fiesta in Nungambakkam.The sign board had a "Cowboys and Yankees Welcome" sign.The decor inside had cowboy hats dangling reminding one of a ranch.It even housed a Foosball table.Coming to food.I ordered a potato and leek soup.This soup was not piping hot, but it was so smooth. It had the cream of potato and leek with a light hint of garlic.This worked well for me because I just cant stand spicy food these days. For starters we ordered a plate of Nachos and chili bean.The Nachos were crisp like the papad with the chili bean salad.I would let this pass because of the chilli factor.For main course we ordered a Tortizza called U-ston's.This is basically a cross between a Tortilla and a Pizza. The base was a soft thin corn crust.This was topped with sauteed beans,browned onions salsa,olives and cheese.This was best part of the meal.Stringy ,soft and salady is how I would describe it.Would definitely give it a go next time.So get ready to get "Tex-Mex-Merized" next time .

Nachos and Chilli Bean


Potato and Leek Soup                 


  1. You have a nice blog put up, loved the variety you showcased!Some recipes are mouth watering:-)
    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    ps.. funny how taste buds want what is not so common.. I just had an experience of standing in big ques at Sharavana Bhavan and Komala vilas at...... SanFrancisco Bay area:-)

  2. Oh super. The soup and tortizza looks absolutely yum. Meanwhile do they allow to take photos?

  3. Thank you Shanthiji,yes they did let me take the pictures.


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