Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thiruvadirai kali

Kalipu in Tamil means happiness.Hence we celebrate his happiness by making this sweet dish for Lord Shiva to appease him.Tiruvadhirai Kozhambu is the side dish to this main sweet dish.Now for the recipe.


Raw rice-1 cup
Jaggery-1 3/4 cup
elaichi powder-2 tsp
1 tablespoon-Toor dal
ghee-2 tablespoons
water-6 glasses
The rice to water proportion that I have used is 1:6


Thiruvadirai Kali
Dry roast raw rice till light brown.Put this in a mixer and grind to the consistency of rava(semolina).You have to be careful not to fine grind this mixture.If you do,you have to sieve it,to avoid lumps. Take a container add water and toor dal.Let this cook.Add ghee and the coarsely ground rice.Let this mixture cook well.In a separate vessel add water and jaggery and let this mixture melt a little,this enables the scum to float on top.Filter the jaggery syrup.Now add this mixture to the kali.Put the gas on sim and let the jaggery and rice mix well into a mass.Add powdered elaichi to make this aromatic.You can saute a little ghee for the cashews and sprinkle this mixture on top.This karam and sweet combo are  perfect mates for the festival called thiruvadirai celebrating the dance of creation of Lord Shiva. Sending this over to Paisley Passions 


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