Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Crown- A review

                                A four tiered chandelier. A show stopper at the CROWN

Level 20 it was this time, with fine dining under the dome! I have been to the CROWN  by Residency Towers on many occasions but I do not have a distinct food memory of the place. So I was eagerly looking  forward to check out the food this time. The setting was luxe and regal,  the architecture with  its high ceiling and columns reminded me of a basilica. Truly this chamber befits a king, and is aptly named the CROWN.

                                        The place was totally decked up for Christmas

    This is the view of the pool from the deck. Head there for alfresco dining and to get a scenic view of the city.

           The tables that were reserved for the CFG gang                                        

                                                            Shirley Temple

We were served Shirley Temple a mocktail at the onset of the meal . It was a blend of soda, lemon juice and grenadine syrup, this explains the red color of the drink. It was a perfect aperitif for me and it did stimulate my appetite.

Paneer Tikka,Mewa Mutter Seekh and Chutney Firdausi Aloo

For starters we were served Ramgari Paneer Tikka, Mewa Mutter Seekh,Chutney Firdausi Aloo and Chouki Tikki. For me the smooth operator was the paneer tikka. Initially when the paneer was served it was a little hard when sliced, but when the chef heard about it he ensured the second round was perfect. The paneer was soft and succulent with a nice smoky flavour. This is truly a delight for paneer lovers. 

Dips and Pickles that were served to go  with the starters and papad. 

                                  The Chouki Tikki- Another starter

For the main course we were served the parathas ,nans side dishes and pulao. I simply loved the aloo parathas with a sprinkling of kalonji or onion seeds on top. They were so soft and I wanted another helping of this . The side dishes that were served was a paneer gravy and handi ki sabji. They did not stand out for me. Dal makhani was fabulous simmered for 24 hours and cooked perfectly with butter. I did spoon myself some pulao, maybe I should have tried more of it. This did not make a dent for me too.

             The main course with lovely soft parathas,paneer labaddar and handi ki sabji

                 Dal Makhani and Vegetable Pulao

                                           Chef Gopal's stress relieving drink

This is the drink that Chef Gopal fixes for himself when he feels stressed out. He did not tell us the name of the drink or the ingredients. I guess it had basil, ginger and blue curacao syrup. I liked the taste it was mild and the whole concoction was balanced out.

Finally for dessert we had the chocolate mud cake 

The Chef asked me if I wanted the Indian or western selection when it came to desserts. I chose the western option. I liked this dessert and the presentation.

            Chef Gopal Jayaram

We did chat up with Chef Gopal Jayaram. He was telling us that the menu at the CROWN is Indo western with seven sets of menu intermixed everyday. This is exclusive to the dome and is open for dinner. The menu we had that day was from the Indian selection, a three course meal which is unlimited. I think this is a magic formula given the ambience and the quality of ingredients used. The cost of the meal is Rs 679 for veg and 798 for the non-veg option. He says that the response has been good for the new set menu because the menu changes everyday and there is value for money. He also sources the anardana and mugga(cassia) from Amritsar. So head out there eat as much as your heart desires under the dome!   

Thanks to CFG for another lovely meet. I truly cherish your company. Thank you to Chef Gopal for the lovely meal and thank you to Jikku Chandy the PR person for making this happen. For more information check this out


  1. Lovely review.. i missed this meet!! Gonna miss having you around for other food meets [esp since there are so few veggies among us:)]

    here's to new beginnings!!

  2. wow all your click drag me to the place virtually. Needless to say, a nice review.

  3. Now the food pictures have made me sooo hungry!! Everything looks yummy!

  4. what a fabulous post! pictures look awesome... delicious..


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