Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grand sweets anna nagar

Think Chennai.Think Grand.Grand Sweets has become synonymous with every thing Chennai.Chennaite's at some point in their lives have savoured their offerings. They are famous for their sweets,savouries,podis and pickles.Now Chennaites throng their corridors for their yummy tiffin.At any given point,one can always spot a long queue of people frenetically placing orders.Check out the moments that defined my visit.The decor is also very traditional.I love the ambiance here.

Traditional thoon adorning the entrance

A hanging Lakshmi Vilakku

yummy adais getting ready

Soft polis waiting to be devoured

Rava idlis waiting to be steamed

Onion rava dosa waiting for the onion shower

Davaras and tumblers waiting to be filled with Madras Filter coffee
Madras Filter coffee is simply outstanding here
    Perfect for Sunday evening tiffin outing.


  1. Lovely post. I have been there and used to love their dishes too :)

  2. Aaaaah.. Chennai has its own lovely charm! There's no better place in the world to call home! :)

  3. Oh! How you make me miss Chennai!!


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