Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peedari Maakali Amman Temple visit anna nagar.

Saptha Kannimar sannidhi
The fourteenth of Feb happened to be the growing moon phase of Ekadesi and my mom promptly lit up the earthen lamps for the virgin mothers.She wants to do it this for 27 times.She has been frequenting this temple at Naduvakkarai Anna Nagar,called the Peedari MaaKali Amman Sidhi Vinayagar Temple.This is situated on third main road near Nalli silks.

The gopuram of this temple
Bairavar accompanied by the moon and the sun gods
Shanthi sells flowers and earthen lamps inside the temple sits close to the bairavar sannidhi.She has been here for the past thirty years 

Peedaari Maakali Amman Vimanam
Cute nandi Vahanam

The main deity here is known as Mahalingeshwarar and his consort Goddess Kamakshi.The other deities inside the temple are Lord Ganesh,Lord Muruga with consorts,Peedari Maakali,Adi Peedari Maakali and Lord Hanuman.Initially this temple contained Goddess Adi Peedaari Maakali,later a sprawling temple was constructed in the year 1990 and the Kumbabisekham performed in 1992.On the whole it was a pleasant visit. On March 2 2011, a special homam is going to be conducted 4 times on Maha Shivaratri day .Check the timings here

7 in the evening-First Kalam
10 in the night-Second Kalam
1 midnight-Third kalam
4:30-Early morning-Fourth Kalam  

Do join in on Maha Shivaratri day.

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