Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jack fruit seed Vathal Kozhambu

This combination of Pongal and tangy tamarind side dish is a staple at home.At the drop of hat I prepare pongal,the rice and lentil combination because it is healthier than plain rice.Now for the recipe.

Jackfruit Seed Vethal Kozhambu

Jackfruit seeds-I used 6-7
Tamarind - a lemon sized ball
mustard seeds
Bengal gram dal-1 tsp
curry leaves -a sprig
Jaggery-a piece
Rice flour for thickening
Salt to taste
Asafoetida powder-a pinch
Sambar powder-1 or 2 tsp depending on the spice factor


Soak the jack fruit seeds for a while in water.Pressure cook them and de-skin it and keep aside.Soak the lemon sized tamarind ball in water.Extract the pulp.Take a pan splutter mustard seeds,add the bengal gram dal,let it become a little brown.Add the curry leaves and saute well,now add the onion and let it turn transparent.Now the basic mixture for the tangy sauce is ready.Add in the tamarind,pour some water.Add the jack fruit seeds.Add in the asafoetida,salt and sambar powder.I also added a little bit of coriander powder for a nice aroma.Let this broth simmer and cook well.Add in a small piece of jaggery for the dish to be enhanced further.Take some rice flour in a cup add water and mix without lumps.Add this to the bubbling cauldron!!!.Wait for kozhambu to thicken.Add in coriander leaves as a garnish.The tasty side kick to a south Indian main course is ready to go.  


  1. Nice picture on vathal kulambu...I am really tempted to have them now...

  2. thats sounds yummm!! :-)

  3. Nice click. I also used jackfruit seed a week ago but not with kuzhambu. I used it with brinjal. Your recipe sounds nice, will sure try it.

  4. making vatha kuzhambhu with jackfruit seeds is totally new to me.sounds made it so yum.Will try next time.

  5. Oh thank you jeyashri.Do try and let me know.

  6. lovely, i was asking my granny abt all the dishes where i can use jackfruit seeds - this is a lovely inclusion, looks yummmm

  7. Jackfruit seeds in vatha koazhambu is an interesting idea - I have bought some of those from the Indian store frozen - will certainly give this a try! thanks for sharing this post

  8. first time @ ur space...using jackfruit seeds is really looks yummy n delicious...visit my space if time permits...

  9. I like jack fruit seeds, in kootu,vatha kuzhambu and in sambar too! Yummy!

  10. Love the name of your site, Kamakshi Diamond. Also a very beautiful picture of Sri Udupi Krishna. Great space you have here and I'll be a regular visitor!


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