Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Let there be light

Three magic words,ISO,Aperture and Shutter Speed,never knew that they would put a spell on me.All thanks to the creative confluence of Chennai Food Guide,Prohive and Crimson Chakra. who conducted a lovely photography workshop.  The Principle Photographer Kunal Daswani,seemed like a wizard with his food photography shots.The first question he popped his audience was whether we still shot pictures in the automatic mode.I think I was one of the few people in the affirmative .His audience itself was a very well informed and erudite one!Well Kunal did drill the basics of food photography inside my head the key points being the importance of light and the exposure triangle.Thank you for taking time off from your busy schedule and mentoring us.Very magnanimous of you.

Kunal Daswani with a participant

I loved the locale Crimson Chakra.Just loved the decor at this place with the antique camphor boxes and the eclectic collection of paintings.Thank you Nikhil for accommodating us.You played a great host by personally being there and cheering us on.The plated food was art by itself.Loved the way the food was styled and presented to us.
Bliss@Crimson Chakra

A cool camphor box sitting pretty,my best  blogger buddy  in the background.The pic is a little dark though.

Mohamed Ali from the Chennai Food guide was one of the most friendly and open minded people I have met in a workshop@Chennai.Thank you for coming up with such a unique database for food from Chennai.Awesome initiative.He was walking up to every individual and checking for inputs and feedback.Thank you for the warmth and concern you showed.Much appreciated.Let the horn of plenty smile on you!
Sriram Gopal,thank you for being so patient and taking time to explain Nikon settings to me.Your analogy for the aperture and shutter speed with a tap and bucket of water clearly helped.Looking forward to your workshop soon.Prohive is another great initiative for the multitudes with a creative streak to show case their portfolio at this unique space.

The hand that rocks the cradle!!

On the whole a very satisfying session,with food for thought,tempered with gastronomic delights,and amazing set of informed people sharing the same passion photography.This was my first photography workshops at Chennai and one of the best.

Do take a look at some of the food shots I took.My maiden attempt.

A cake puddle Volcano!

 Thank you Priya for being such a wonderful blogging mate and offline friend.


  1. Wow.. awesome that you attended the workshop. I am sure you would have learned loads.

    Buddy please pull me with you to such workshops. Would have seriously loved to be with you and for the workshop as well :( I have loads of doubts with my cam and I will be grateful to you if you let me know the next time they have such a workshop.

  2. wow awesome clciks and am inspired to see you attending that class. I need such classes as am clueless with my new cam.hope to learn a trick or two from you.

  3. Lucky you! Awesome you attended the workshop. Clicks look professional. Very nice indeed.

  4. Drooling over the volcano puddle,must have been an awesome experience.

  5. Sounds interesting....nice u got to learn more abt food photography

  6. I really felt i am watching a manirathinam movie as thrilled and most fascinating ,dark room workshop...Thank you for joining me and luking for more updates from you...Wont u share with me????

  7. I loved the "valcano" you took...for my eyes, it makes a great abstract! Good to hear about your workshop!

  8. Thank you Priya and wow glad u liked the abstract..Padmaja

  9. oh wow!! that sure looks like an awesome workshop!!

  10. Hope you both had an useful session together!!

  11. That sounds like so much fun! Great pictures..

    US Masala

  12. Haa, such things do not happen when i am at chennai. Wonderful. Thanks for putting it up here :)


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