Friday, February 12, 2010

Ire of Fire-A Fire Accident

Early this morning ,I woke up to the sound and smell of the fury of fire literally.The choke in the tube light burst and burnt up the lift in our apartment.There was so much smoke that I could hardly breathe.This accident could have turned dangerous if my dad and husband did not douse the flames with water at the right time.Hats off to their efforts.The others in the apartment did not want to go near the flame,because it was sparked off by electricity and they did not want to be electrocuted.I was shaking so much because I was worried sick for my mother who had not come out.The fire service personnel just came and left without doing anything much and they came so late.Later the lift inspectors still found some burning embers left from the accident.
What callousness.I just witnessed the tip of the iceberg of a fire was a harrowing experience.

We did not have fire extinguishers set up to deal with fire.We did not have a separate fire exit.I don't think any of us had any expertise or knowledge to handle such a situation.We were all sitting ducks.What a pathetic situation to be in.Thank god it didn't turn out to be a catastrophe,thanks to my dad and husband for saving the day.It was their quick thinking and guts that doused the flames.Finally thanks to the Lord of destruction for saving us from one.Life is so fragile,anything can happen anytime.

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