Variety is the spice of life.This space truly reflects this sentiment.I have multifarious interests like cooking visiting temples and decor.If you like this amalgam,do take a peek into my life. I blog about everyday home cooking which I have gathered from my family.I basically cook South Indian Vegetarian fare.I love the environs in a temple its architecture and the temple trees.I have documented these visits here thanks to my mom.Of course I love antiques,you can find a couple of decor posts.In our culture ,as a token of appreciation we first offer food to the divine.All the food prepared here is dedicated to Sri Krishna of Udupi,because he is the source of all good food.So please join me as I weave a motif,trying to leave my imprint on Sanctified Spaces.

Image source for header:Sri Krishna of Udupi from Kaniyooru Matha.

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