Thursday, April 21, 2011

Instant ragi dosa with drumstick leaves

Instant Ragi Dosa with drumstick leaves
There were sudden showers in Chennai this morning.It was a pleasant surprise.I enjoyed the pleasant showers with instant ragi dosas.Finger millet is a good source of calcium,top this with a handful of  Moringa leaves and your good to go.Check the recipe below.

To temper
Urad dal-1/2 tsp
Chana dal-1/2 tsp
Curry leaves-a sprig
Chillies-1or 2

To mix in the flour
1 cup-Finger millet
Drumstick leaves-a handful
Salt to taste
Rice flour for binding-2tbsp

Method: Mix the ragi flour with water and make a watery batter.Mix in the salt,jeera,drumstick leaves and rice flour.Set it aside.Take oil in a pan and temper the ingredients as mentioned above.Saute onions well.Add this to the batter and keep aside for 10 minutes.Take a dosa pan and pour this batter to make thin dosas.Flip it when done and enjoy this healthy breakfast.Serve them hot with a spicy chutney.Sending this to Dr Sameena's event.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chakde India finger food-Hummus with carrot and cucumber wedges

My better half is a big fan of cricket.Usually the finger food he eats during match sessions are very unhealthy.So I thought of making a healthy dip to go with crunchy carrots and cucumbers.So I made a hummus dip which is served with pita crisps,I replaced the crisps with carrots and cucumber wedges.Now for the recipe


Boiled Chick pea-100 grams
Tahina paste-50 grams
lemon juice-20 ml
Chopped garlic-1 clove
Olive oil-20 ml
Salt to taste
White pepper powder-to taste
Paprika powder

Soak chick peas overnight.Boil the chick pea with a little salt.Make the tahina paste.This is a mixture of sesame seeds with olive oil.First roast the sesame seeds in a pan.Then blend it in a food processor.The proportions I used for the paste was 1 cup sesame seeds and 1/3 cup olive oil.I made it myself because I could not find tahina paste.Now you have to blend the boiled chick pea with tahina paste in a food processor.Add crushed ice and garlic blend till smooth.This gives a nice consistency.Season with white pepper powder,salt and lemon juice.Place in a bowl,drizzle extra virgin olive oil and garnish with paprika powder.Recipe source:Chef Girish Kumar Courtyard Marriott.

Go India Go.Go bring us the World Cup.

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