Sunday, January 30, 2011

Arusuvai Chain Season 2 and a mystery ingredient

The Arusuvai network has already forged many friendships.This network was initiated by Srivalli,Bharathy and Lathamma.This network is on its second season and hosted by a very friendly and warm person Sayantani.Its a pleasure interacting with her.Thank you for linking us up.

I was eagerly waiting for my turn.I was so happy to receive the mystery ingredient from Gayathri's cook spot . It turned out to be yellow mustard seeds.I instinctively knew that I would make a pickle out of it.She sent me a cute box with the yellow mustard seeds, a hand written note and a grater.So thoughtful of you Gayathri.I loved your handwriting.I searched for Tarla Dalal's recipes.I finally settled on Jagruti's recipe for making carrot and chilli pickle.The recipe is the same as Jagruti's,except that I ground the whole yellow mustard seeds lightly in the mixer to split it up.And what a pickle it turned out to be.Yummy and fresh with a zing of lemon and mustard.I was so happy with the recipe.Now the yellow mustard seeds enjoy a pride of place in my kitchen cabinet.Thank you to Gayathri for sending me this ingredient with so much of zing to it.
I found this pickle to be very tasty and nutritious.I cant think of a better way to eat the crunchy carrots with zero oil and no cooking.I could make this pickle in a jiffy.

Crunchy carrot and chilli pickle.It surely packs a punch to ones palate

Gayathri's mystery ingredient the yellow mustard seeds

I can't wait to send my secret ingredient to my designated friends on the network.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Uthukadu Ellamman Temple visit

Soul mates

Rajagopuram being constructed

My granddad's favourite Deity

The Goddess herself Ellamman of Uthukadu
I frequent this temple very often with my mom and dad.This temple is situated in Uthukadu Chennai.The main Deity here is Ellamman.I really enjoyed my temple visit as always.This temple was established in the year 1608.There is a story associated with this place.It seems Krishnadevaraya and his team came hunting here with his dog.In those days this place was called Utrukadu.The king became tired and went looking for water.He took rest under the canopy of a tree.His pet dog bairavar decided to go looking for water.He chanced upon a spring of fresh water and bathed in it.He decided to wake the king up and let him know of his discovery.The king on waking up followed his friend to the spring and quenched his thirst.While doing so he found a lemon floating toward him and after a while he found an amman icon which was two and half feet tall .Nagal Naidu who was the head of his army established this temple.The best part of this temple is the garbhagriham.The main Deity was moved to the right hand side because of her "ugram" nature. I'm sure She is the epitome of kindness.In Chitra Maasam ,brahmotsavam is conducted for ten days and is celebrated with pomp and splendour.The route we took was Tambaram-Mudichur-Padappai-Oragadam Junction-enroute to Wallajabad-Uthukadu.The sthala Vriksham is Vanni maram.Many people from Saurashtra also worship this deity as their Kula Deivam.Check out some of the pics.

Snapshot outside the Sanctum

Love these triangular slots on the walls
Inside the temple courtyard

My dad's favourite Deity
The welcome arches indicating the temple's presence

My favourite Kala Bairavar

The vimanam on top of the sanctum
The kodimaram
Lord Hanuman
An antique chest

Neem Leaf thoran

The Temple Door

Temple instrument
shadow play

Musical Instrument at the temple
Simply love this village home.Its so charming.Look at the sit out.The lady of the house invited me over to take a look inside.
People in the village
The temple tank
Landmark:Near Nissan Renault and Komatsu which is in  Oragadam SIPCOT Industrial park                                                   

Monday, January 24, 2011

An award and a tag

This is my first tag and I am super excited about this.I'm so glad to have been remembered and tagged which is a big deal for me.This is my second stylish blogger Award.So thanks to a fleeting glimpse for generously bestowing me with the lovely award.

The rules of this award once you've been tagged is to reveal seven things about yourself and pass on the award to seven others.

Let me start with my set of 7 things.

1.Kamakshi.diamond is purely for blogging purposes.People who know me personally know my real name.I a lot of people are intrigued by the name and I don't blame them.

2. Rock rules.Love Pink Floyd and The Doors.I think 60's and the 70's was a great time for music.Here's to Flower power,"Let a thousand flowers bloom"!Really love the counterculture movement.

3. I love beads.Used to be called the bead woman for the n number of bead chains I used to wear!

4.Love nature poems and poets.Like spiritual poetry too.

5.I worship nature in every form.So you can call me a Pantheist.I have lots of crow friends who visit me every morning for their share of marie biscuits dipped in water.!

6.Village homes with the sit- outs and triangular slots are so charming.Really like antique furniture and antique homes.I also adore temple iconography and architecture.

7.I like alternative cinema and blog standing most of the time because of my back. pain.Of course I love to make lots of friends.On that note I would like to tag 7 others for this award.

1.Patty and her team at Colours Dekor
2.The key bunch people Rekha and Sharon
3.Padmaja at The world is a rainbow
4.Pushpa at Simple home food
5.Sudha at The design enthusiast
6.Meera at Art by Meera
7.Emreen at Liven things up

Pass on the Style people!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paisley Passions.

I simply love Lori's passion for crafts and home decor.She blogs at Paisley Passions.She conducts unique events like blog swaps, and many other linky parties.I love her DIY projects awesome Lori.I loved your ribbon organizer.Gosh such talent.She is currently starting a new party called Fun with Food Friday.I have sent in my entries Tiruvadirai Kali and Kozhambu to be featured in her party. Waiting to see them tomorrow.

Thiruvadirai kali

Kalipu in Tamil means happiness.Hence we celebrate his happiness by making this sweet dish for Lord Shiva to appease him.Tiruvadhirai Kozhambu is the side dish to this main sweet dish.Now for the recipe.


Raw rice-1 cup
Jaggery-1 3/4 cup
elaichi powder-2 tsp
1 tablespoon-Toor dal
ghee-2 tablespoons
water-6 glasses
The rice to water proportion that I have used is 1:6


Thiruvadirai Kali
Dry roast raw rice till light brown.Put this in a mixer and grind to the consistency of rava(semolina).You have to be careful not to fine grind this mixture.If you do,you have to sieve it,to avoid lumps. Take a container add water and toor dal.Let this cook.Add ghee and the coarsely ground rice.Let this mixture cook well.In a separate vessel add water and jaggery and let this mixture melt a little,this enables the scum to float on top.Filter the jaggery syrup.Now add this mixture to the kali.Put the gas on sim and let the jaggery and rice mix well into a mass.Add powdered elaichi to make this aromatic.You can saute a little ghee for the cashews and sprinkle this mixture on top.This karam and sweet combo are  perfect mates for the festival called thiruvadirai celebrating the dance of creation of Lord Shiva. Sending this over to Paisley Passions 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Brand New Year Wishes

Thali@Rajdhani Express Avenue
Happy New Year to all my readers here.May this year be wholesome and prosperous like the thali above!Rasing a toast to a sizzling brand New Year.Thank you so much to my blog friends for seeing me through the whole of last year.Pls continue the patronage!

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