Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Buttermilk spiked with spices

Blog hopping is in its third week. Have I got to know my co bloggers better? the answer is a big yes thank you Rads for this fun opportunity. This week my partner happens to be Divya. I have had the privilege of meeting her once, she is really a sweet person do check her space for a nice array of recipes. I chose to make masala buttermilk from her space. And surely this is for keeps. Its healthy and tasty and can be made in a jiffy. So check out the ingredients used and fix yourself a drink.

1 cup-curd
1/2 cup water
Jeera-1/4 tsp
Pepper corns-2(increase according to taste)
Fenugreek powder- 1/4 tsp( roasted and powdered)
Curry and coriander leaves
Salt to taste

Take a mortar and pestle and pound the spices and the leaves into a fine paste. Add the paste to a blender along with curd and water and whip well. Add salt to taste. Let the spices and curd mingle when it sits in the fridge. You can strain and serve or drink it directly. I have made this for a single serving. The Fenugreek  powder makes this drink so aromatic. This drink is surely a match made in heaven.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Yam Curry

Yam-500 gms
Oil-3 teaspoons
Mustard seeds-half tsp
Jeera-half tsp
Curry leaves-A sprig
Asafoetida- a pinch
Turmeric powder-1/4 tsp
Sambar powder-2 tsp
Salt to taste

Cube yams and boil in water till soft. Discard the water. In a kadai pour a little oil then add mustard, jeera and curry leaves. When this splutters add a  pinch of asafoetida and add the boiled and cubed yam. Now add turmeric powder,sambar powder and salt to taste. Keep the fire in sim and keep stirring till yam gets roasted properly. Remove from fire and transfer in serving bowl. This goes well with rasam rice. Sending this to Vrat ka khana.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chocolate Yogurt Banana Smoothie

Radhika's Blog hop Wednesday is on for the second week. I have been paired with Priya Sreeram another friendly blogger, with awesome recipes. I would love to meet her someday. Check out her gorgeous Patiala di lassi . While I was checking out the ingredients I noticed that I have banana and chocolate syrup in the fridge. So I thought why not make a chocolate yogurt smoothie. So do check this recipe.

1-Frozen banana
3/4 -milk
1/2 cup yogurt or vanilla yogurt
Hershey's Syrup-4 tbsp

Peel banana skin and freeze banana in a zip lock. Mash the banana add milk yogurt and the syrup. Blitz this in a blender ensure that everything is smooth and mixed well. And your done. You can also use vanilla yogurt instead of plain yogurt.  This is an ideal breakfast drink.

Sending this also to Radhika's Scrumptious Breakfasts .

and..Any one can cook :Series 31 , " Kids Delight - no fire cooking" Event. started by Srivalli.

and Jam hands

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Biscuit custard pudding with a hint of coffee

Recently we had this pot luck blog party. We had oodles of good home made food. I happened to taste a delicious pudding made by Srividhya Balaji. I was hooked. She used biscuits and sponge cake to make the pudding. I kept craving for the pudding and finally decided to make biscuit and coffee pudding. The recipe reference was from here and here

This is such a tasty and simple recipe and a no bake one at that. The taste is universal in its appeal and one can fix it in a short period of time.

Layered custard delight

with a hint of coffee..

Vanilla Custard powder-3 tablespoons
Krackjack biscuits
Milk-1/2 litre
Sugar-3 tablespoons
Coffee decoction to dip biscuits half a cup

Method. Prepare custard according to the instructions on the pack. Take 1/4 cup milk from 1/2 litre milk add 3 tablespoons of custard powder and mix well. Boil remaining milk with 3 tablespoons of sugar. Remove from flame, add the custard powder and cook again stirring continuously. Ensure that the custard does not get charred. Stir till it becomes thick and coats the back of the spoon.  Set aside till warm

Now get down to making layers for the pudding. Take a biscuit and dip in coffee decoction and line your bowl. Next take a generous amount of custard and spread it on top of the biscuit. I built three layers good enough for the shape to be retained. I topped the layer with Hershey's chocolate syrup. And your done. Refrigerate for three to four hours. This is an egg-less and  hassle free recipe and tastes divine. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bisibele Bath

Radhika of Tickling Palates has announced a fun way to link up with bloggers with an event called the "Blog hop Wednesday". The aim is to make a lot friends who come with a recipe in tow. Sounds like fun right. I have been paired up this week with Sangeetha from Typical Indian cooking. She has a lot of recipes on the blog and a friendly person too. I chose to make bisibele bath from her blog. This is my husbands favorite recipe. I have made my version of the classic Karnataka special. So do check out the recipe.
Bisibele Bath
Rice-1 cup
Toor Dal-1/2 cup
Mixed vegetables- I used 1 carrot,2 brinjals,4-5 strings of beans)
Lemon sized tamarind-Soaked
Turmeric-1/4 tsp
Salt to taste
Baby onions-10 nos
Sambar powder-1tsp
oil-for frying onions
Ghee-1 spoon
Coriander leaves for garnish

For the powder to be fried  and powdered
1-cinnamon stick
Coriander seeds-1tbsp
Bengal gram dal-1 tbsp
Red chillies-2
1-Star anise-optional

This method of mine is very simple. I pressure cook the vegetables,rice and dal with salt and turmeric powder. I use six glasses of water to be put in the cooker's container. Once this is done. I take a vessel,extract the tamarind juice,put the spice  powder and sambar powder,add the rice and other ingredients to this and let this mixture cook well. Once well done add the pearl onions(which is fried in oil) to this mixture. Garnish with coriander leaves. Add a dollop of ghee while serving. I have not used coconut, if you wish to you can use 1/2 cup grated coconut. Serve this with a raita of your choice.

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