Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vembuli Amman temple and the Seven Virgin Mothers

Yesterday was Valar Pirai(growing moon) Ekadesi,so mom wanted to light up lamps at the Saptha Kannimars(seven virgin mothers) Sannidhanam.Hence,we visited Vembuli Amman Temple for this purpose.This is a three hundred year old temple located at Pazhavanthangal near the subway.This goddess was found in a field while ploughing.She is a village deity.There are seven such grama devathais in and around the area.Sample some of the pictures from the Temple.The seven virgin mothers in the temple are Brahmini,Maheshwari,Kaumari,Vaishnavi,Vaaraahi,Indraani and Chamundi.They represent the seven chakras in the human body.The sthala vriksham is a neem tree.
What secrets do you hold seven virgin mothers.Kindly enlighten my intellect.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Narthangai(Citron) Saadham(Rice)

I made Narthangai Saadham last night,Citron is rarely available these days so I did want to make good use of the fruit.The recipe is just like lemon rice.I tempered mustard seeds and urad dal, once this spluttered I added curry leaves and red chillies and let it cook.To this mixture I added turmeric powder and salt and switched off the flame.I added cooked rice to this mixture and finally squeezed the wonderful juice of the citron.The juice tasted amazing,to my surprise it was not all that tangy as I expected but sweet.The rice tasted great and I had also cooked kootu made of carrots and chow chow.This made a perfect side dish to the citron rice.Check out the pictures.

Margazhi Kolam

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Karthigai Somavaram at Ardhanareeshwarar temple

Yesterday was the last karthik somavaram,hence mom and me visited the Ardhanareeshwarar Shiva temple at Pazhavanthangal.The temple conducted 108 sangu abhishegam for Lord shiva along with rudra abhishegam.Sample some of the pictures from this event.Above are the pictures of Ramamurthy Gurukkal and G.Sreenivasan Gurukkal who are rendering their service to the Lord. They must have accumulated enormous good karma in the process.Both of them were extremely patient with me and are really sincere in their profession.Ramamurthy Gurukkal adorns the ambal everyday,and told us that the deity there grants all one wishes for.The pic below is the picture of 108 conch shells ready for the abhishegam of the lord.Its really nice to meet such learned people in this day and age.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Glorious Lamps that were lit for Karthigai

Ardhanareeshwarar and Ashtabuja durgai Temple Visit

Yesterday we visited a Shiva temple in Nanganallur,4th Main Road called Ardhanareeshwarar Temple.Maha periyava found this lingam in the temple pond in 1962.Worshipping in this temple will promote marital harmony,because this lingam is the union of the male and female aspect.A very sincere and pious gurukkal G.Sreenivasan explained to me about the temple history.Behind the temple there is another temple dedicated to Durgai called Ashtabuja Durgai, and she is housed inside a chariot.Since yesterday was Somavara Karthigai,a special abhishegam was performed for Lord Shiva.I will try and get a picture of the gurukkal shortly.The first pic is the durga temple and the second is the Main entrance of the temple.

Lamps everywhere

In chennai its Karthigai season and there are lamps a plenty on the pavements.This seasons special are lamps made of ceramic.Take a look at the pavement selling these cuties of different varieties.

Karthigai Deepam Kolam

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