Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ardhanareeshwarar and Ashtabuja durgai Temple Visit

Yesterday we visited a Shiva temple in Nanganallur,4th Main Road called Ardhanareeshwarar Temple.Maha periyava found this lingam in the temple pond in 1962.Worshipping in this temple will promote marital harmony,because this lingam is the union of the male and female aspect.A very sincere and pious gurukkal G.Sreenivasan explained to me about the temple history.Behind the temple there is another temple dedicated to Durgai called Ashtabuja Durgai, and she is housed inside a chariot.Since yesterday was Somavara Karthigai,a special abhishegam was performed for Lord Shiva.I will try and get a picture of the gurukkal shortly.The first pic is the durga temple and the second is the Main entrance of the temple.

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