Thursday, December 17, 2009

Narthangai(Citron) Saadham(Rice)

I made Narthangai Saadham last night,Citron is rarely available these days so I did want to make good use of the fruit.The recipe is just like lemon rice.I tempered mustard seeds and urad dal, once this spluttered I added curry leaves and red chillies and let it cook.To this mixture I added turmeric powder and salt and switched off the flame.I added cooked rice to this mixture and finally squeezed the wonderful juice of the citron.The juice tasted amazing,to my surprise it was not all that tangy as I expected but sweet.The rice tasted great and I had also cooked kootu made of carrots and chow chow.This made a perfect side dish to the citron rice.Check out the pictures.

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