Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Last night I made khichdi, a mish mash of rice, lentils,veggies and spices. Its so easy to make if you have a pressure cooker and is considered a comfort food.


Rice-1 cup
Yellow moong dal-1/2 a cup
Green chilli-1
pepper corns-10
ginger-a small piece crushed
cumin seeds-1 tbsp
coriander leaf
turmeric-a pinch
Salt-according to taste
Asafoetida-a pinch
Garam masala-a pinch
Vegetable of choice-handfull-I used cabbage and potato
Ghee-1 tbsp

Method: Wash one cup of rice and half cup of lentils. For one cup of rice use 3 cups of water. For 1/2 cup of lentils use 1 cup water. Take a container to be put inside the cooker. To the washed rice and lentils add water. To this mixture add all the spices and vegetables and salt according to taste. Close this container and put it in the cooker to cook. You can put the cooker off after 5 whistles, the idea is to make the mixture mushy. After the pressure is released remove the container from the cooker. Add ghee and coriander leaves and mash the mixture with a spatula.The yummy khichidi is ready. Serve it yogurt,pickle and pappad.This is actually a balanced meal. You get the carbs from the rice,protein from lentils,minerals and fiber from veggies and fat from ghee. Cumin, pepper,asafoetida,ginger aids in digestion. Turmeric is an anti bacterial and anti cancer agent. Green chilli boosts metabolism.Coriander leaf is aromatic and is considered to be carminative.Khichdi is one power packed meal.
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  1. Khichdi is one of my favourite rice meal! And it's so versatile with what veggies you can put in!


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