Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Musée du Louvre Paintings

Giuseppe Arcimboldo(1527-1593),Le Printemps(Spring, Oil on canvas 1573),Mona Lisa
M2 and me visited Paris on July 2007. We paid a visit to the Louvre museum. We saw some amazing paintings and sculptures from around the world. As a souvenir we purchased the Musée du Louvre calendar 2008. I'm featuring the painting called Le Printemps (1573) from the calendar. I simply loved the way the painter has incorporated flowers and leaves to represent spring in the form of a portrait. This is so creative, and so life like. He has taken into account miniscule details that simply amazes me. I wonder how long he took to complete this portrait. Sheer talent this.
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The fourth picture clockwise is also from the Louvre website. This painting is by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1527-July11,1593) , an Italian painter. He is known for making portraits made entirely from flowers,leaves, fruits etc. The painters picture is from wikipedia. He has also painted other seasons like Winter,Summer and Autumn.

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