Thursday, November 11, 2010

Making of Mysore Pak.My mom in her own words.

Melt in the mouth barfi type Mysore Pak
Gram Flour: 1: Sugar 2: Ghee 3 (Aavin or Udhayam)

The importance of using Asli desi Ghee in Mysore Pak

Sorry health conscious people.If you want to get a nice texture of Mysore pak,you can't resist the use of ghee.You have to use ghee in the proportion of 3 cups to 1 of besan and 2 cups of sugar.If you have any health problem no other go, you have to keep away from eating the delicious Mysore Pak.

How this sweet was named

Since this sweet was prepared in the royal kitchen of Mysore Maharaja,this was the name it acquired.

Making of the barfi like Mysore Pak!

1)Heat half cup of ghee and add one cup of besan in the frying pan.(generally iron kadai is preferred).If you don't have one use you can use Calcutta frying pan or any other pan which is thick bottomed.

2) Mix the flour with out any lumps.

3) In the meantime time add 2 cups of sugar, add water to immerse the sugar.Boil till you get a two string consistency.

4) Now add the besan mixture which is mixed with ghee.

5) Keep the fire very low in sim condition.

6) You must keep remaining ghee in another vessel on the stove in a heated condition.

sinful ghee laden in progress mixture

7) Keep stirring the besan sugar mixture,periodically adding the heated ghee side by side.

8) Keep stirring the mixture till you can see the mixture starts leaving the side of the vessel.The ghee will ooze out of the Mysore pak mixture.If you take a pinch of it you can roll it into a small ball.This is the correct stage where you can transfer the contents.

9)Pour the contents into a plate which is smeared with ghee.The plate should be of even surface.

10) Then you can mark the pieces into squares.Once it cools down you can store it in an airtight container.


The end point is very important in making this sweet.You should not leave the place to attend any call.Even if you are a little careless you won't get soft consistency of the Mysore pak.

Best of luck to get smooth barfi type of Mysore pak and enjoy with family and friends.

Seriously my mom's Mysore pak was a big hit with everybody. I really loved this sweet Diwali moment.This is a tried and tested recipe.Please do try this recipe and let me know.My mom got a lot of wows from visiting family and friends.

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  1. Thanks for the entry Kamakshi, my son loves Mysore Pak..I must show this to him :) - Rekha

  2. Delicious mysorepak!!! Since it requires utmost attention while preparing, i m yet to try this!!!! have seen amma and paati watching the consistency to pour it on the plate and all that stirring involved and the aftermath iodex-rubbing sessions!!!!

  3. A classic sweet,Mysore pak looks delectable....

  4. Oh wow.. extremely rich and yummy :) I used to love misorepak from krishna sweets. Now that you have posted the recipe, I shall surely give it a try at home :)

  5. Very nice blog..............plz visit my blog if time permits..........

  6. My favorite sweet hands down. I just came back from India and made my mom make some for me. I am going to try it out soon as I a so want to. I know it is tricky but have to try it out some day or else how will I learn it, right? :)

  7. looks delicious...
    Thanks for joining the party !!
    Hope to see you sharing some delicious sweets for Xmas and New Year too...!!

  8. Lovely Mysore Pak, must give it a try. Seems simple enough except for the stirring and the right moment to transfer to a plate.
    I suppose one can only learn if one keeps on trying to do better and better.


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