Monday, November 22, 2010

wHOOL-“to empty and renew the mind”

At the November Fest

Outside the Lady Andal auditorium
Its been a long time since I went to a play or a music fest,hence settled on November Fest.I chose to watch wHOOL a Korean band. wHOOL means  'empty and renew the mind' ... to dust yourself off and fill with something new'.The show was truly splendid.They use traditional Korean instruments along with the contemporary music instruments.Their rendition of our National anthem was simply the best that I have heard till date.Really loved each and every artist's performance.The flautist did a fabulous job,with his wind instrument the Piri.And so did the vocalist with his Buk(drum) and Jang-gu: Double headed Drum .Their energy was infectious.They even came down to the audience and performed.The audience loved their performance so much that we asked for an encore.They even used the conch just like in India.When they blew into it I was reminded of the Mahabharata serial.It was a solemn moment when the entire audience stood up when they played our National anthem.They traversed all genres of rock,jazz,and bollywood awesome.Language was not a barrier at all.Truly their music broke all the barriers.Do catch up whenever they play in a venue near you.Worth every moment.I watched this show on the 17th Nov.


  1. Wow sounds really interesting :) will see if I get a chance to see them performing :)

  2. Looks so festive outside the auditorium,must have been a lot of fun.

  3. Regarding ur qn about anardana powder, dry roast some dry pomegranate seeds and grind as fine powder..hope this helps..:)

  4. oh my gosh.. amazing.. What a fun time you must have had!!

  5. Looks like you had a good time,awesome!


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