Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend exploits

vegetable salad with vinegar
Tomato and Basil Soup

Mushroom Zondich!
Shree Mithai Thali

After Diwali festivities, just wanted to head out,because our house was littered.Just decided to have an early brunch at Shree Mithai at Anna nagar.We settled for their Thali. It was a simple quick meal with rotis added in.I liked the spiced buttermilk the best.This was on Saturday.

The weather was great thanx to cyclone Jal which hit Chennai.It got a little worst in the morning on Sunday.So we spent the rest of the day at home,after cancelling movie plans .My better half started following the weather with images from satellite kalpana!He predicted the worst.He kept giving me updates.I got a little bored of Jal towards evening and we headed headed out to the Soup and Salad Cafe in Anna nagar.

I really loved the place.The interiors were bright and chirpy.The menu card had a spice meter.I haven't seen this feature anywhere else.So for a person like me who cannot stand chilly spice it was of great help.So I settled for items with spice ranking of zero.Really loved their soup and salad and sandwich(Zondich).It was refreshing,light and tasty at the same time.For the Zondich they had even nicked the packet of sauce,which I usually fidget with.Didn't go for their dessert.Maybe next time.Loved the ambience,the fun way of naming their dishes,the spice meter,the calorie meter(light,medium,celebration), and the healthy food.The security even escorted me up to the car with an umbrella.That was nice touch.Will surely go back there.
Patty,looks like I'm doing only these weekend wrap up posts!(so addictive).Anyways this is going to her wrap up 5.


  1. i never knew Shree Mithai serves thali too:) thnx for the info

  2. Ha ha.. I know the ‘house is littered’ feeling.. The meal.. looks lovely!!

    Oh.. you should show us some of the interiors at the cafĂ© as well…

    Aaaawwww.. Kamakshi.. thank you so so much.. You totally made my day!! And now I have a huge smile on my face.. 

  3. That was a great way to wrap up your weekend!

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  5. Miss Chennai so much...have been hearing a lot about this new place Soup and Salad Cafe...nice read up...

  6. I miss chennai whenever you mention something about it.. well... a yummy way to wrap up:-)

  7. drop me a line...we can meet up whenever u are in Chennai.


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