Thursday, June 30, 2011

Jamun Raita

There is a legend associated with Jamun fruit and it begins with these lines , "Sutta Pazham Vendumaa Sudaatha Pazham Vendumaa". These are the immortal lines uttered by Skanda disguised as a child to Avaiyyar an ascetic and a poetess of the Sangam period. She was such a realized soul and yet she thought she was hitting a plateau in her learning curve and was thinking of retirement. Lord Muruga seized this opportune moment and let her know that learning is a lifelong process and ego is an obstruction to it, through these innocent words. I have explained the same below. 

Avvaiyar a travelling minstrel got tired one day and decided to take rest under the shadow of a Jamun tree. She was hugry and thirsty. Skanda disguised as a shepherd on the tree,  asked Avvai whether she wanted roasted fruit or unroasted fruit . Avvai answered that she wanted roasted fruit without thinking too much. Lord Muruga scattered some Jamun fruit to the ground. Avvaiyar started picking up the fruit and blowing the sand that was stuck to it. The fruit had become warm because of the hot sand. At that time the little boy asked her whether the fruits were warm. Being a highly evolved person she understood that this was divine play because it is not possible to have roasted fruit from the tree and yet there she was blowing on the fruit as if to cool. She was amazed by this analogy and was curious to find out the identity of the boy. Upon enquiry she found out that the little boy was none other than Lord Muruga. This legend is associated with a place called Pazhamudircholai in Madurai. This is the story behind the simple Jamun fruit and now I'm heading to the recipe.

I have made a raita out of this fruit. This is also known as Java plum. 

Jamun fruit-1 cup
Curd-1 cup
Salt to taste

To temper
Oil-1 tsp
Mustard-1 tsp
Urad dal-1 tsp
Asafoetida-a pinch
Red chili- 1 or 2
Curry leaves-a sprig
Method- This is incredibly easy to make. Take a cup add add the cut pulp of the Jamun fruit, salt and curd and mix well. Add the tempered ingredients. And your done! This tastes awesome sweet and slightly tart. I made this pachadi as a side dish to bisi bele bath. The seeds of this fruit is dried and powdered and is used to treat diabetes.  I loved every mouthful of this raita, leaving behind its unique taste and stories of a bygone era.


  1. New for me and looks yum ...I love jamun

  2. Never heard of raita with Jamun..simple and healthy..

  3. This is a favorite story with my niece...I had always eaten the fruit as it is. This pachadi is interesting.

  4. I never knew the fruit jamun..sounds good...

  5. lovely write-up kamini; enjoyed reading the famous sutta pazham- sudadha pazham saga! nice raita

  6. Lovely story. I remember mom narrating to me years back :)

    Lovely raitha with this fruit. Something new to me :)

  7. I have only had it as a fruit, but never knew we could cook with it. I wish we get Jamuns here in US as they are kind of my favorite fruit :)

    1. hi,
      i am a plant hobbist and a great fan of the fruit myself.
      This season, mangos came a lot early then expected, but janums came is tons too.
      It is a very easy tree to grow, and fruits within 3-4 years.
      If you have place for a tree and it doesn't get freezing cold, then do try to grow one. Can grow derectly frop its pit. very satifying too, to get it off ones own tree.

  8. i have heard such stories growing up...:) and jamun raitha is a yum idea!! totally stealing it :)

  9. it has been ages since i ate this jamuns.making raitha with this sounds very yummy

  10. You made me miss Jamun soooo bad ~ love them and have never ever found jamun here in the US :(
    The raita sounds fab!
    US Masala

  11. Lovely post enjoyed reading it raita looks delicious with this much missed fruit.

  12. We dont get Jamuns here, but book marked this recipe :) Will try this if I ever find jamuns :)

  13. Great story and a raita I will have to try the next time I am in India :)

  14. Looks like this fruit makes a lovely raita =)

  15. I love jamun! This must taste so good!


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