Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Picnic@Tiger Caves

Rock Cut Shiva temple with linga

Nandi squatting in front of the temple

The tsunami unearthed this temple in 2004

The tiger cave highlights the Pallava architecture.

A cool boulder standing tall!

A Durga temple

A dried trunk a masterpiece by itself
We had a lovely little picnic at Tiger caves on ECR on Sunday.The place is well maintained with the sea and the casurinas in the backdrop.We packed mats and lots of food like puli saadham,thair saadham and molaga podi smeared idlis.I could finally eat the puli saadham,i was so glad.It was nice break from the usual grind. I was reminded of the movie "Picnic at hanging Rock" where a bunch of Australian school kids vanish after getting attracted to a mysterious rock formation .I just cannot get over this film.Maybe you should check out the movie and head out to the tiger caves for the effect! Incidentally it was also the 6th anniversary of the tsunami tragedy on Dec 26th.The fishermen stayed out of the sea as a mark of respect to the departed.


  1. nice pictures dear..hope u had a blasting picnic

  2. Need to check out this place soon..The place looks so beautiful...And did u have the idli with milagai podi too ????

  3. Thanc EC and Shama.No i could not touch the idli molaga podi though.

  4. wow, a treat for the eyes, stomach and the spirit! I am envious :)

  5. thnks for sharing such nice pics
    wish ya happy ne wyear 2011


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