Thursday, September 8, 2011

Crimson Chakra-A Review

As I entered Crimson Chakra, I was greeted by a serene Buddha sculpture with a cascade of water spouting out of his hands. The sound of water dripping in to the pool really calmed my senses. When I entered the restaurant I noticed the space was roomy with eclectic and funky paintings on the wall, antique chests, cane chairs diffused lighting and Buddha busts. This place certainly has an old world charm to it and belongs to Nikhil Moturi. I’m meeting him for the second time now. He told me that this bungalow belonged to his grandparents and Suresh Menon (director and cinematographer) was the long time resident of this place, before being converted into Crimson Chakra. Nikhil carries the legacy of this place quite lightly on his shoulders. He is approachable and friendly. I will certainly ask him for a tour of this place through his eyes next time. 

An electric Ganesh painting
A cool cane chair

The water or pool take a table right inside next time!!.

We were sitting near the water table. For those who seek a little adventure you can dip your dainty feet in one foot deep water with a waterfall in the backdrop and your table bang in between all this. Cool idea during the sweltering summer heat. They also have a candle room for the love birds and a pet zone.  

Celebrity Chef Jacob is the man behind the menu at Crimson Chakra. He serves South Indian fare with a twist. For starters we were served stuffed grilled potatoes, cottage cheese squares and baby corn fritters. What stood out for me was the baby corn fritters. It was firm and crunchy and the twist came in the form of curry leaf paste. The firm baby corn had a liberal taste of curry leaves. This was the first time I was eating baby corn in this avatar. The stuffed grilled potatoes and the cottage cheese starters were also yummy.

Stuffed and grilled potatoes with mint chutney

Firm baby corn fritters

Paneer Starter

For main course we were served appams and string hoppers. I really loved the delicate taste of appam. I could taste a slight hint of coconut milk in it. They were soft lacy and spongy and one of the best I have had till date. We were served a drumstick gravy and potato okra masala. I preferred the potato okra masala to the drumstick gravy. I have always liked North Indian bhindi masala and this fit the bill. From the rice section we were served smoked rice. This was smoking hot. The rice was cooked to perfection with a yummy smoked flavour. I have not chanced upon this anywhere in Chennai. This was the dish of the day for me. To dunk all these heady flavours I was ably assisted by the lemonade . Even this drink had a twist; it was spiked by cinnamon I think. This drink had to grow on me because I'm so used to lemon being the main flavor. But I did settle in quickly with this too.

Drumstick Gravy

Divine Appams

Okra and Potato Masala

Smoking hot smoked rice

Yummy lemonade with a twist..the straw was right inside the lemon slice..

Desserts were the highlight for me. The three desserts served were the Yelaneer souffle, Mango cheese cake and Mississippi mud pie. The Yelaneer Souffle tasted delish. It was like eating the “makhan” of the coconut mixed with cream and sugar. soft and melt in the mouth and not cloyingly sweet. This was another first for me. The Mango cheese cake clearly won hands down. It was refreshing to taste mango towards the end of the meal. It was tart and sweet with nice glaze and firm crust. Bliss indeed. The mud pie had a base of chocolate cake topped by vanilla ice cream which was enrobed by chocolate ganache. What a sinful way to end a meal.  

Tender coconut Souffle
Mississippi Mud pie

Mango Cheese Cake
On the whole the menu lived up to the “Food with a difference USP”. I will go back there for their relaxing ambiance, Appam, Smoked rice, Yelaneer Souffle and Mango Cheese cake.So head there for a laid back dinner. The bungalow also houses Cornucopia (Continental, Indian) and Azzuri Bay (Mediterranean, Multi-cuisine, Italian, and Chinese). Do check out Crimson Chakra for more details. Thank you Nikhil for having us over.  

Thank you CFG for another fun dinner meet, food does taste good when shared between friends. Fellow CFGians it was awesome meeting you all. Looking forward to more food and fun conversations.


  1. Nice.. i was to come for this, but missed it as i was travelling!!

    Nice review and neat blog :)

  2. Wow,i love that aapam and smoked rice!

  3. I would like a tender coconut souffle please :) But wow!, it almost felt like I was sitting with you and enjoying the food :)

  4. Very good pictures. I wonder whether i might find the recipe for the tender coconut souffle anywhere in the net. Must try it out.

  5. oh wow- loved the okra& potato mix as well as that appams & smoked rice also pass in that bowl of tender coconut souffle please--- yum !nice review shalini

  6. Nice post with great clicks,the food looks fabulous.

  7. Wow..the pics are making me so hungry at this time..nice writeup

  8. I was waiting for this review ever since the last monday morning as u know...Nice pics and Good write up on Crimson Chakra...This is one of my fav restaurants too...

  9. ur write up and pics make me want to go there

  10. Wonderful review. Enjoyed reading the post :)

  11. Please accept the awards from my blog.........

  12. Nice post and you have a lovely blog.

  13. Yummy and tempting clicks and nice review.

  14. Well written and showacased Shal..must check it out when I am in that corner of the world, I like the name very much!

  15. A very wonderful and detailed review! I was salivating a some of the dishes!! Now where exactly is this, Kamakshi? I would certainly recommend to my bro who lives in chennai - and would love to go there the next time I visit!

  16. oh gosh! my mouth was watering seeing all this wonderful food!! I will keep this place in my list of places to visit!! enjoyed reading the review.

  17. The appam and yelaneer dessert look scrumptious. If you have recipes for tender coconut desserts, please do post them.

  18. Mango cheesecake sounds yum dear, thanks for taking us all virtually to crimson chakra. Loved the write up. All the dishes are stunning.

  19. Oh my... .I love this place... And that yelaneer souffle is to die for.... Its my favorite dessert.... I totally love the ambience of the place... You can try Azurri bay which is at the top too... It has an Italian , Thai and South Indian restaurant...


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