Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pongal Meal

This was the Pongal Sapad we had this afternoon .

After seeing Priti's Makar Sankranti festival event,I have decided to add how I celebrated Pongal at home.We celebrate Pongal for three days. The first day is Bhogi Pandigai,when the entire house is cleaned with the frontage of the house decorated with kolam and kavi(red oxide).

The second day is Sankranthi,this festival also falls on the first day of the Tamil month Thai,so its equally auspicious.After my ablutions, started off with the naalu moolai kolam, followed by tying of the mango thoran at the entrance of my home. We follow a custom of tying manjal kothu(turmeric plant) around the chakara pongal utensil and ginger kothu around the rice and dal utesil.I anointed the pathram with manjal and kumkum before tying the roots. These utensils need to be kept on the suryan and chandiran kolam. I kept the following items for pooja betel leaves,nuts, flowers, bananas,sugar cane,coconut and jaggery.After thanking the sun god for all his benevolence we took our food. The next day we celebrate Kanu Pandigai where we make kalanda sadham like puli sadham,thengai sadham,lemon rice and curd rice.Thus Pongal turns into a feasting and thanks giving festival for us at chennai.This is my submission for Pongal celebrations to Priti's Makar Sankranti Festival Posted by Picasa


  1. I feel so jealous after looking at this vaazhaelai sapadu. Happy Pongal to you and your family..

  2. feel so jealous... after looking at the vaazha elai sapadu... Happy pongal to you and your family Kamakshi...

  3. Vidhya, your a sweet heart...come home to chennai, your invited for vaazha elai sapad at my place.


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