Monday, December 29, 2008

Last weekend before 2009

Santa at MGM resort on Sat 27/12/08

M2 and me went out with a couple of friends on Sat.We first dropped by at Citicentre at Mylapore for some "pet pooja" all of us had cold coffee and I had slimmers sandwich from Barista.We then headed off to MGM beach resort which is situated on the East Coast Road Muttukadu. We wanted to stop by at Muttukadu for boating but it was too crowded.We all hit the beach at once. Had a good time watching the mussels dig into the sand. Some of them even went on a pony ride.Soon we were hungry and we opted for the buffet at Sea Crest restaurant.We sat inside the air conditioned space.They had crispy fried vegatables,soup, dum aloo, channa masala,fried rice,noodles,thengai sadam,rasam, and curd rice.I liked only the channa masala in the vegetarian section.In the desert section they has rasgullas,jalebis,mysore pak, payasam,cake and ice cream with fruits.M2 liked the mysore pak On the whole the buffet spread was no great shakes, at least for the vegetarians.It happened to be Hanuman Jayanthi on the 27th, but I could not make it to a temple because of this programme.

We attended a birthday bash of M2's friend's kid Sid. This was held at Marry Brown Anna Nagar. It was a fun place for the kids and grown ups. The vegetarian food was great. My pack consisted of a vegetarian burger with cheese,french fries, potato wedges and cake.We washed it down with mrinda and for dessert we had a cup of ice cream . I would recommend this place if you want to hold a small b'day party for your child. One of the big attractions there was the table football also known as foosball. Both the adults and the kids had a good time playing it.

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