Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Stress relief chat!!

M2 was highly stressed because of his laptop malfunction and he asked me not to cook. We decided to go out for a spin. M2 unwinds in one of the most accessible ways. He gulps down yummy pani puri and has a teekha bhel puri.We frequent this nook called Shri Keshav chat.He serves sandwiches,chat,vada pav,corn augratin etc. Its located at Harleys road at Kilpauk.The chat is yummy. He even has innovative murukku sandwich. Its a quick fix solution for a hunger pang. I always ask for a little less karam in my chats. M2 was back to his singing dancing self after the pani puri induced spice high.


  1. u get vada pav in kilpauk? is it decent?

  2. Hi Lappet,

    Nice to see a comment.Yes you do get vada pav at keshav chat and its pretty good.


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