Monday, December 29, 2008

Weekend Late Night Movie

Last night I watched this 1953 French Classic The Wages of Fear ( Salaire de la peur,Le) directed by Henri-Georges Cloutzot. This movie is based on a novel by George Arnaud. This story is set in a town called Las Piedras in South America.Southern Oil Company (SOC) enlists four tough drifters for a high paying suicide mission. The mission involves transporting nitroglycerin an explosive liquid across a rough terrain, to one of the SOC oil fields to quell the fire.Tension and rivalry quickly develops between the foursome, magnified by the unforgiving heat, the lure of the filthy lucre and the rough and rocky roads where the slightest jolt can result in agonising death. This movie is really thrilling especially when the drivers have to navigate around the obstacles. But it ends in a tragic way, I would have wanted to see a happy ending. The movie stars Yves Montand,Charles Vanel,Vera Clouzot,William Tubbs, Folco Lulli and Peter Van Eyck.The movie has won many awards see the list below.

Palme d'OR,Cannes-Grand Prize of the festival
Golden Bear,Berlin-Henri-Georges Cloutzot
BAFTA award-Best Film from any Source

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