Friday, December 19, 2008

Food of the Gods

Karthigai Pori Urudai( aval and Nel Pori)

M2 and me made Pori Urundai for karthigai. Pls note you have to use Paghu vellam or black jaggery for this recipe. We use two different kinds of Pori. Nel Pori(paddy Flakes) and Aval Pori(Puffed paddy flakes).Here goes the recipe.

Pori-i/4 kg,black jaggery-400gms,finecut coconut pieces-1 cup,dry ginger a pinch, cardamom 6.

In a separate vessel make syrup out of jaggery +ding water until it just gets immersed. Start heating the syrup.The syrup shud become thick enuf , so that when you add a drop of it in a vessel of water it shud solidify immediately.When syrup reaches this stage remove from fire.Clean puffed flakes and take it in a large bowl.Roast coconut separately without oil and add it to the flakes.Add cardamom powder and dry ginger powder.Add jaggery syrup and mix for about two mins,untill the temp cools down to a state when the hand can withstand heat.Do not cool it too much, then the urundai will not come out properly. Grease hands with rice flour or ghee. Make the mix into medium sized balls using hand.
Easier said than done it is sort of tough for novices. Especially when you have to make the urundai.Thats where the black jaggery plays its part it acts as a good binding agent. Also jaggery is very good for health its called medicinal sugar. Its a good source of iron and minerals.Jaggery also prevents lung lesions very beneficial for people who work in smoky environs.Pls use organic jagerry as white commercially available jaggery is loaded with chemicals. Thanx M2 for all the help.


  1. Right on time for karthigai deepam,my fav,children would love it.

  2. If the jaggery is clean enough, you can make the paaghu without adding water but just a spoonful of ghee and that makes it easier to make the urundai..yummy:-)

  3. Thats a nice tip padmaja.Thanx pushpa for comments.

  4. Looks very delicious! Do drop by
    when u find time


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