Friday, December 12, 2008

10 Dec 2008 Goddess MaaKali Temple Visit

Peepal tree at the temple

On Lord Shiva's special day (a day most suited for propitiating him-pradosham), I visited a temple dedicated to the Goddess MaaKali, it also houses a spatika(quartz) Lingam.This is located in Anna Nagar 4th Main road chennai. Every temple houses a Sthala Vriksham(a temple tree). Being a tree hugger I just love the concept of temple tree! "Hindus associate the tree with the three gods Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Vishnu being reputed to have been born under a Peepul, which is therefore Vishnu himself in the form of a tree."Women tie a yellow thread around the bark of the tree for their wishes to be fulfilled.The message of conservation has beautifully been woven in to this milieu.This temple also houses a Peepal tree(Sacred Fig)( Ficus religiosa).It is called Arasa Maram in tamil.Women generally go around the tree to worship it. Again it proves to be very beneficial because of the copious supply of oxygen.It is such a mood uplifter and a good form of exercise.What a beautiful metaphor. Buddha also attained enlightenment under the peepal tree.

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  1. When was working at Anna Division, i used to go nearby temples after office hours before home. One among the temple I visited here too.
    After that I never coming to Anna nagar. Now i am happy seeing the temple in your blog.


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