Friday, December 26, 2008

Plum Cake and Wine for Xmas

M2 and me steeped out on Christmas day to check out deals of the day at consumer durable shops. But the teeming traffic deterred us instead we decided to eat out. First we went to Quality Inn Aruna at Sterling road Nugambakkam. We had to wait for a long time to park our vehicle, so we decided against going inside. But we spotted Malayalam actor Rahman waiting for his car.He seems very well preserved.!! Next we ventured into Harrisons Hotel. We first stopped at their vegetarian restaurant Eden,which was full. Next we went to Meenam, true to its name it was reeking of meen(fish). We finally settled for Dynasty a Chinese restuarant. We ordered for a bottle of Sula wine and baby corn for starters. The baby corn was extremely spicy and peppery hot. After eating it M2 exclaimed "there is nothing baby about the baby corn"!!. M2 wanted to order American chopsuey but I was not for fried noodles in sauce.Instead I ordered for soft vegetarian noodles with shredded vegetables. For the side dish we ordered Sweet and Sour vegetables. This side dish was a tad too sweet. On the whole it was ok experience.

A little about the wine. Sula Vineyard is a premium wine company from India. We chose red wine and we got to taste the Satori Merlot. It describes itself as "a balanced, round structure with a silky mouth feel and lingering finish. Its soft, fruity style with a hint of spice invites early enjoyment and marries perfectly with a wide variety of foods. Pair with tomato-based pasta dishes and most red meat dishes. Serve lightly chilled, at 12-15°C." To go with Indian dishes go for Madera Red. Satori means sudden enlightenment.The artist Jaideep Mehrotra has painted the wine label. It even has the mandatory green dot signifying 100% vegetarian.We paid Rs1250 including VAT.
Finally for dessert we had plum cake from Hot Breads at Anna Nagar.

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