Friday, December 19, 2008

Team Health Shoppe Disaster

My mum and me recently visited an ecostore called Team Health Shoppe whose address I have provided below. They claim to be a "wellness shop". My mum wanted to buy Palm jaggery from this shop. We even got two packs of this. Once I got home small cockroaches started falling out of this pack.My mum was enraged,she promptly called the shop and blasted the girl who was managing the shop. It seemed to me that the shop lacked maintenance.I actually saw huge cobwebs even on the managers desk. I have sent an email through their site. I have not got any reply. My mum promptly threw the product in the bin. There ended my quest for buying things organic.

Team Health Shoppe @ ANNA NAGAR
Plot 1200, Z Block, 6th Avenue Chennai – 600 040,
Opp. Kokino Karate School) Phone : 4269 3332

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