Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lord Shiva Temple Visit for Dec 24 Pradosham

Yesterday I visited Parashurama Lingeshwarar at Ayyanavaram for Pradosham. The temple was teeming with crowds. Parashuramar is supposed to have prayed here for expiating his sin of beheading his mother. The sthala vrisham was simply gorgeous. Both the trees that is the peepal tree and the neem were growing together. There were a number of roosters. The temple also houses three peacocks. My mom lit a ghee lamp to appease Lord Shiva.There is a belief that the creator of the Universe Lord Brahma (ayan) took a dip in the temple pond and worshipped the Lord here.Hence this area is called ayyanavaram close to anna nagar.This is also an ancient temple, a thousand year old one at that.
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  1. What a nice way to celebrate Pradosham.

  2. Gng to a shiva temple is always a great experience.Thank you for the comment.


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