Sunday, December 21, 2008

Weekend Exploits food,books and movies

M2 and me usually eat out during the weekend. This Friday as usual we decided to eat out. We stopped by at Bombay Blue with a tag line which goes" Mumbai ka dil, Duniya Ka taste".This is located at college road in Chennai. For starters this isn't a pure vegetarian restaurant, anyways we decided to try our luck. We ordered the Chef's vegetarian tandoori platter.The platter had the usual tandoori cauliflower,paneer,mushroom,bean curd etc. M2 is a pure vegetarian and has an incredible sense of taste and smell. He usually does not eat mushrooms. This time around he promptly popped the mushroom in his mouth. Soon he started squirming his face.It wasn't because of the mushroom per se but he could distinctively smell non-vegetarian in it.I don't know how. The mushroom and the potato tandoor did taste a little funny.We immediately decided to leave the place.M2 will never visit this place again.

Next we went to New Yorker at Nugambakkam.We ordered a starter which had onion rings, corn cheese balls and besan cutlet. This was ok but the besan cutlet was under cooked. Next we ordered a capsicum pizza. Unfortunately for us the pizza base was a little charred and I did not like the pizza very much( this is coming from a pizza lover). On the whole our Friday eat out was jinxed. There are certainly other nice things to eat at New Yorker. We have to choose wisely next time.

In the evening we went to Citi Centre. We hoped to buy some DVDs from Landmark instead I picked up some books like Thus Spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche and a bird encyclopedia.We ate at Sangeetha Desi Mane. The food was good. We ordered aloo chat,special sambar rice, masala rawa dosai and kadubu with mangalorean sambar. The kadubu was very filling.We got home and watched Agatha Christie's Death on the Nile.M2 wanted to watch this because he wanted to see Egypt.The movie won an Oscar for best costume design in 1979.

I made some yummy parangikai( yellow pumpkin) sambar. We watched another movie Europa Europa directed by Agnieszka Holland. This is based on a true story of Solomon Perel a Jewish, who survives by posing as a German during World War 2.It won a Golden Globe, for the Best Foreign Film in 1992 .After this we went to Sweet Chariot at Ispahani Centre. We ordered for strawberry cheese cake and black forest cake. No great shakes though!.We ended the weekend revelry with maggie noodles. Thanx M2 for a great weekend.

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